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Nooobody - Sudden appearance.

Been watching this blog for a week now, implying that I had totally forgotten about this, and didn’t notice anyone post anything, so I thought I’d write something. The previous post was about 1-2 weeks so it’s a bit long break.

The topic that I’d like to talk about is Alcoholism. Why, you ask. Some might think it as self-evident, since (almost) everyone at parties drink a lot of beer, and it’s taken for granted that people like it. It’s the social juice. It makes people more comfortable with others, freeing them from the feel of shame from one’s doings.

And then there are people, like me, who are scared of these people. Most of these people have some personal references in their life that makes alcoholics scary. For me, it’s my family, but mostly my big brother. My parents sometimes drink wine and such during dinner and sometimes they have this can of wine that has a faucet in it and they, especially mom, drink from it. Whenever they have been drinking, I can see the effect. It’s in the tone of speech. It scares me to hell since I feel their sense of responsibility disappears during the drunken state. Luckily, it doesn’t affect my life in anyway, physically or mentally, but I feel kinda sorry for all the kids throughout the world that have drunken parents. Imagine a drunken man teaching his kids about something. It saddens me a lot.

Then there are those who actually cause problems due to being drunk. As the most used example, car crashes happen mostly due to drunken people. My big sister was in a car crash on last year’s summer. A drunken guy, who had over 2 promilles of alcohol in blood, crashed into the backside of my sister’s car and then just continued driving. In the police interrogation, the guy said he didn’t even notice that he had crashed his car to my sister’s car.

And I’m not even going to list the physical effects alcohol has on the human body. Niko once showed me a chart that had pretty much every drug on the planet and alcohol. They were compared about 2 things, the physical damages the thing has on the body, and the damage to the surrounding area, including other people, the thing has. The top drug on the personal damages was something that I can’t remember right now, but the top drug on the surrounding area damage, was alcohol. And overall, which includes both personal and surrounding area damage, the worst was alcohol. So even if we compare this “social juice” to drugs, it’s worse than them. And you can buy alcohol from almost every food store. But almost every drug on the planet is illegal, everywhere. 

A bit different version of the same graph than what I looked at back then, but the concept is the same:

Right now, as I’m typing this, my big brother is drunk as fuck. It scares me when I think about it. He went to buy beer from the shop this afternoon and since then, I’ve counted like 8 cans of beer that he has opened, and the days before he had a bottle of booze of his own, that was far worse than normal beer. I try to not think about it and whenever he mumbles something, I try not to listen. During typing this, he opened 2 cans of beer. Tells you something about his speed of drinking.

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Fairy tales - Phranogar

Ok ok yes I forgot again. Short term memory lapse xD. But I’m here now. Anyway on to todays topic.

Yesterday I read a quote on facebook which said something along the lines of: “Fairy tales do not tell us that dragons do exist, but rather that dragons be can defeated”. This got me thinking.

Now I have always liked fairy tales (I can almost hear the groans from my fellow authors). But I hear loads of people complaining about them, saying that they are pointless, unrealistic and just made about creatures that don’t exist. But as the quote says fairy tales aren’t telling us that you should be careful when stealing golden geese from giants. It is telling you that stealing has its consequences.

The point is basically fairy tales have morals. And they are what it is important. And many people may argue that the morals conveyed in fairy tales mean nothing or are not realistic in the real world. But I think they are important to consider. True as you get older you have to adapt them to make them doable but they are still great building blocks.

I was never REALLY taught morals as a kid. I have to admit a lot of my morals came from these fairy tales and from disney movies and such. And I still in a way live by them. I still think that it is worth always trying to find love, that there is almost always a peaceful solution and etc. And although many people have similar beliefs that have nothing to do with fairy tales. It still stands that fairy tales are good moral teachers for children, who have yet not experienced the cruelties of the real world. Ok so thats all I have to say on the subject and here are two songs about another person kids adore.

Santa claus is coming to town:

I saw mommy kissing santa claus:

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Kaktusinn - Cute fluffy kittens (I can has post?)

(To Richard.)

First off, I would like to say that I did not brainwash Phranogar into writing his post about the french army, nor did I pay him for it! He did it all by himself, I merely suggested the song.

Second thing, this post will not be about kittens. At all. My friend Richard, who chose the topic himself, wanted it to be about people who complain about people who complain (Complainception, in other words), making the complaint rather illogical and useless.

Now, I think we all agree that those people are really annoying, and there is not much to say about it. So let’s switch to someone kinda related, but not too much, but a bit still (it’s not kittens):

FEMINISM. I know this word tends to scare people, myself included, because it’s linked to many prejudices - for example, women complaining all the time about ridiculous things. I must admit this is not entirely false; lately, in France, some associations started fighting against an inegality that is found in our very own language: while men are called ‘Monsieur’ (Mister) their whole life, women are either called ‘Mademoiselle’ (Miss) or Madame (Mrs), the latter being reserved to married women; we can say the french language itself carries inequalities. But to be honest, I don’t support this cause, partly because I like being called Mademoiselle, partly because such claims make women sound ridiculous.

There are so many things that are more important than this detail - the astonishing difference in wages for the exact same job (up to 27% in 2011, in France) for example, or the general, sadly still popular asumptions that women aren’t honest, are less intelligent etc.

I’m not complaining. I have been prejudiced for being female, more or less obviously, but I know I’d have it much worse if I wasn’t straight or if my skin wasn’t so white and my eyes so blue. I know the prejudice goes both ways (How many times have I heard, from people who I know are intelligent, that male midwives and gynecologists are incompetent or even perverts!), but I also know that equality between genders is an issue that many people consider fixed, when it really isn’t.

Moral of the story (or TL; DR): The only sandwiches I make are for myself, deal with it!

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Be there - Phranogar

Ok first off. Sorry guys bout missing a day already with the christmas theme. I was busy putting up my tree and lost track of time xD. But dont worry ill just upload 2 songs this fine sunday. (well its technically 10 mins into monday now but whose counting).

Ok onto serious topics now. One of my online friends who I wont name is bipolar. When I was talking to him, he said that one of the main things that keeps him depressed and suicidal are the people around him. He felt that nobody really cared about him. 

SO NOW I am here to give all of YOU a message. If there is somebody you care about, and I really hope there is, then tell them. Don’t just think, “Oh, I’m sure they know how I feel”. Because honestly they don’t always. Even if they do it is nice to hear it and will help them stay happy and reassured that there are people that care about them.

I once heard this quote: “The happiest girl is the one who is dying the most on the inside”. People who are depressed generally don’t show it. Maybe it is because they don’t think anybody wants or cares enough to know. Or maybe it’s just lack of confidence. The reason here isn’t the main thing. They need support. 

Now, I’m not asking you to go out and find out if anyone you know is depressed. Just tell them that you care. Even a simple quick hug or a “hey man, you know we’re mates forever right?” (if your the macho type), can make a huge difference and maybe even save a life. 

So don’t just care, show you care. Thank you. :)

NOW as promised. Here are my two songs. I thought id go with some slow ones. A fast happy song doesn’t really fit this post.

O Come Emmanuel (celtic christmas song):

Oh christmas tree:

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Nikochuuu - Selected Finnish Proverbs

Selected Finnish proverbs

Today I was reading some Finnish and Swedish proverbs with my dear Miek, and as I read, I noticed that as wise as the Swedish sayings were, they just couldn’t match the raw expression power (read: ridiculousness) the Finnish ones had. Here is my top three of the list I read:

Joka kusematta pieree, se naimatta kuoloo. 

This ones means approximately “The one who farts without pissing, dies without fucking.” As for an explanation to this quote, I have none. It somehow associates farting with dying, and pissing with fucking. And no, it’s not a law in Finland either.

Pyörii ku hullun mulkku mielettömän persiis. 

“(He’s) spinning like a crazy person’s dick in the ass of a lunatic.” According to wikiquotes, this would work as a statement about a restless person. Meatspin, anyone?

Hyvän työmiehen perse on aina jouhen verran raollaan.

“A good worker’s arse is always a tad open,” says this seemingly dodgy proverb, and apart from letting the employer sodomize him in hopes of a raise I think the meaning might have something to do with the position of the worker’s body. After all, if you’re crouching and working hard on something, your buttocks are bound to be pulled slightly apart. Just observe any plumber!


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French army- Phranogar

OK guys. I realised I didnt say in my last post who was talking. IT IS I PHRANOGAR who shall be doing the christmas stuff. Anywhoooo, today I wanna talk about france. More specifically its military.

Now, many people say france has a rubbish army. All cowards. And so on. But my friends this is not true at all. 

First off theres Napoleon. Now I dont know about you but I think he did pretty great and the french soldiers fought really well in his time. I don’t think you can say they had a rubbish military and were cowards back then. But maybe you are thinking that was a long time let us target the war that everyone focuses on when referring to France’s supposed weak army. World War 2.

Although it is true that france and Paris was taken relatively easily. This was not due to the incompetence of the military. It is simply the fact that they were outmaneuvered. You see most of the army was fighting the germans at the Maginot line. This line had most of the french army in it and they DID repel the germans that attacked there. Also if they had known what the germans were plotting, they would have atleast put up a good fight. The germans in fact instead of trying to go over the line they went around it.

Now you may be thinking. “thats an obvious thing to could the french not think of that?!?!”. Well you see to go around  the line the german army would have had to pass through belgium and the netherlands. Both of which were neutral countries and therefore not part of the war. Nobody thought their neutrality be violated. But it was. 

The germans then quickly cut off the Maginot line from the rest of france, thus stopping supplies any chances of reinforcements. Yet the french at the line still fought. They repelled the germans a few times but due to their isolation and low moral they fell. But you have to respect them for holding out as long as they did.

It does go even further though. Even when france was conquered there was the french resistance. How can anyone call the french cowards? They risked everything to fight the german. Their homes. Their families. They were obviously not brilliantly equipped. They had no planes or tanks. Yet they still were able to do considerable damage to the germans and they never stopped fighting.

So in conclusion, contrary to public belief, the french were one of the most brave armies in the war and should be respected as thus. 

And in honour of France, todays christmas song shall be a french one.

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Miek - aka The Grinch

(Side note: We celebrate Christmas on the 24th here)

As I was reading Phranogar’s post it dawned on me.
I don’t like families. I don’t like my own family, I don’t like other’s families, I especially dislike - close to “hate” - the classical TV families. The smiling happy-go-lucky mother, father, brother, sister families sitting around a table eating food and being happy.
I’m not sure if this hatred is towards the happiness or just simply the family part, but it honestly turns my stomach.

If I were to self-diagnose my feelings, I’d say it comes from the fact that my family never was like that. We were casual and we often kept to ourselves. My sister and I played with each other, often violently; I’d use my brutal force while she’d just whatever sharp object she could reach. Our parents rarely played with us, not counting the times we spent watching mom play the old NES.
So we kept to ourselves and we were never one of those happy-go-lucky TV families without any problems whatsoever, and I’d say that that’s why I hate families like that. Because in my head, in my reality, that is “wrong.” Families aren’t “supposed” to be like that, and frankly, that happiness disgusts me. It doesn’t feel real and it just feels uncomfortable and weird and out of place.

I’m not saying that a family is better when being bitter - not at all. We weren’t bitter. We just weren’t the kind of family who would all sit around the table and happily chit-chat with each other or play a bunch of boardgames with each other, laughing and having fun. I’m disgusting myself as I’m writing this.

Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely not some kind of hate post against you, Phranogar, but I’m still going to quote you.
I have to laugh when I see kids pulling their parents towards the biggest tree in the shop and the parents saying it wont fit through the front door. I have to smile when i hear kids sing carols as I walk through the streets.
This is probably what made my stomach turn the most in your post, combined with the other things about family stuff. I really can’t see how anyone would actually, honestly, enjoy all these kinds of things; how someone could enjoy spending that kind of time with their family.

So one of the reasons why I dislike Christmas is because it is surrounded by what I in my reality see as filthy, disgusting fake smiles, all to try to keep up the good traditions of happy families everywhere. It just doesn’t seem real to me that a family could be happy like that.

And the traditions are disgusting as well. What do people have against casualties? Why can’t you just have a nice dinner and then let people just enjoy themselves in their own way? Why does it always have to be the fun games and everyone’s laughing and everyone’s gonna gather around the tree as we open the presents! and we’re gonna spend time together!

No thanks. I think I’ll spend my christmas in my apartment instead, away from all the fake smiles and away from all the ridiculous traditions.

This was sort of an angry post, excuse me for that. I just had to get it out.
And I didn’t reread it to double check spelling and grammar and such, so this post may be utter bullocks and may not make any sense at all, but the gist of the post would be that I hate families, traditions and Christmas. Good night. 

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25 days until christmas

Ok guys. As you all probably now today is the first day of december and of course december is a special month. Why is that you ask? No it’s not because its the one time of the year when there’s no sale at DFS (if your not british you wont get that). OBVIOUSLY its because of CHRISTMAS. 

Ok so we all know what christmas is..if you don’t stop reading and go google it. honour of this festive holiday, I have decided to post a christmas song everyday at the end of my regular posts. 

Now I am not christian. In fact many people who aren’t christian celebrate christmas. So today I was thinking about this. MY family is from india but we live in england and none of us are christian. Yet every year we put up the christmas tree (well i do ITS MY THING PARENTS NOT ALLOWED), buy presents and have christmas dinner at my cousins. But if we are not christian why do we do this?

Well. One reason is that we live in england where christmas is visibly celebrated all over. When a big holiday is all over the TV, visible on the streets and the topic of so many shows, it makes sense that people might celebrate it..just because it is occurring all around them. But there is more to it than that.

For both myself and Kaktusinn, neither of us were raised as christians yet we both celebrate it for more or less the same reason. Christmas is one of the holidays that family can spend time together and just enjoy themselves. Where small things like drinking hot chocolate while watching a movie can seem wonderful (as indeed they should). Christmas seems to have this feeling around it. It is hard..or atleast hard for not get caught up in it. 

I have to laugh when I see kids pulling their parents towards the biggest tree in the shop and the parents saying it wont fit through the front door. I have to smile when i hear kids sing carols as I walk through the streets. I love spending hours putting up my christmas tree and the sense of accomplishment when i turn off the room lights and turn on the christmas tree ones and see it all light up. But more than anything I love sitting with my family. All my family and eating together. Laughing as one of my uncles fails at carving the turkey. Getting waaaaaaaaaaaay too competitive with the crackers and turning back into kids again when opening our presents excitedly.

I guess what I am trying to say is, even if you are not christian, christmas can still be a wonderful thing to celebrate. It lets you spend time with your family. It can give you joy if you let it. I  know I am sounding really sentimental and corny but hey it IS the time of the year for that. 

So guys. 1 day down. 24 to go. And heres the first song of the countdown song calender.

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Kaktusinn - A child at heart

(This post is dedicated to Phranogar)

Why do people on the internet, and especially teenagers and young adults, feel the need to show everyone that they are children at heart? And what is being a child at heart?

I do not think it lies in knowing classic Disney songs by heart, or sleeping with stuffed animals, or liking Ninjas or anything else MLIAers are so fond of talking about. They are the best specimens of people who think they are unique and different, because instead of doing drugs, partying and having wild sex with strangers, like obviously every other teenager does, they like baking cookies while colouring in a Disney Colouring book. To me, they aren’t children at heart; they are only childish.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying one should forget about everything one liked as a child. Those who know me can confirm that I have something close to an obsession with unicorns, and yes, I like daydreaming of dragons and of imaginary worlds, of princesses and chimeras. I simply don’t feel the need to claim that I am so original and special, because guess what, I’m not.

I believe we all are children at heart. What characterises children best is their aptitude to wonder at the simplest things, and their eagerness to learn about the world we live in, not their undying love for The Lion King (which is, in my opinion, one of the worst Disney movies ever made. But I don’t want to be lynched, so I won’t elaborate), and everyone posesses those qualities at some level.

So don’t be so enthusiastic about everything that reminds you of your childhood. You aren’t more of a child at heart than anyone else; you are simply being childish(This is a general you, Phranogar. Don’t hit me!). Besides, even though one’s childhood is in many cases linked to wonderful memories, it’s not the only thing you should live for. Growing up is full of nice surprises and expected or unexpected pleasures and joys, and this is what you should be enthusiastic about.

Moral of the story (or TL; DR): Blowing penises can be just as much fun as blowing bubbles.

P.s: A link to a fitting song, as it reminds me of my childhood very much.

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Miek - Comments, please

Well, I took the liberty of updating some settings on the blog without discussing it with you. I didn’t feel it being necessary, as the only update I did was enable comments. So feel free to comment away on each other’s posts!
I don’t know much about tumblr (having never used it properly), so I’m certain there will be some problems with the commenting system, but in that case; just let me know and I’ll try to fix it.
We need to have comments, right?

To view or post comments to blog entries, you have to go to the actual blog site, and not just the tab from your dashboard.

Oh, and I also changed the background of the blog. Tell me what you think about it. Should it be changed, is it okay, or do you just not care about it?